Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rth!!!

We've been studying all about Earth! 
I did this activity over a couple of days...
The first day we watercolored coffee filters blue and green to resemble the Earth. 
After they dried, we glued them on black paper and wrote about them!!

But first, we had to research! 

*Quick funny story... I asked the class "where would I go on the internet if I needed to find out some information about something?"  Before any of them could yell out the most common answer, "GOOGLE!!!" I had one little boy yell out "Facebook, Ms. Holly!" haha.  I guess I have a future Facebook lurker on my hands with that one!

So, we googled facts about the Earth and looked at pictures on the Smart Board.  I told them that they MUST write 3 sentences and that I was not helping them spell any words this time, not even Earth! So we practiced sounding out the words I knew a lot of them would use: Earth, moon, planet, water, etc. I was so excited and pleased with how they turned out! Even my strugglers managed to write things that resemebled sentences!!  I was more excited about them phonetically spelling all of the words!  I've had a very hard time getting them to spell inventively here lately!  Here are pictures of two of my favorites!  Don't ya just love how they spelled Earth?? :)

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