Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ladybug Spot Counting!

This is an activity I created to use as a math center activity when I teach number words at the beginning of the year.  You could modify it any way you'd like.  It alligns with Math Common Core K.CC.3  but you could also use it to teach counting sets.

I laminated each ladybug page and made sets of clothespins with each number word written on both sides!

Student Steps:

       The student will count each spot on the ladybug and write the numeral in the corner of the box with a dry erase marker.  (ex. 3, 5, etc.)

      The student will then match each ladybug to the corresponding number word by clipping the clothespins to the side.

·       Erase and swap with a friend!

There are 5 ladybug pages in the pack and an explanation page with ideas and tips for the activity. 

Here is the link!  TeachersPayTeachers: hollygotigers CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

This is what it looks like once the kids start using it!

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